How highly sugared food and drinks are affecting our bodies?

How highly sugared food and drinks are affecting our bodies1In today’s world sugar is almost everywhere. We have constant access to almost any kind of candy human brain can think about and sugar is put also in products that are not sweet at all. For example many breads and rolls are stuffed with sugar and it can be found also in every juice and other drinks.

After drinking or eaitng such higly sugared and processed foods we will experience kick of intensive energy, but in about half an hour we will completely get rid of it and will want to consume more as soon as possible. What’s more when level of this energy will decrease we will feel much worse and the need of going to sleep will be almost unstoppable.

When such food is a major part of one’s diet it is more possible to get various diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, which will force us to take pills or injections with insuline to the last days of our life.

Another effect that highly sugared food are causing on our health is demage on our teeth. It’s sciencifically proven that consuming such product more than few times a week can cause caries and plenty of other teeth deseases. That’s why we should keep an eye what we and our children are putting in their mouths, because it can strongly affect their health.

Good way to keeping a child away from dentist is showing healthy habits, because when our kids see that we’re eating candy all day long and don’t brush our teeth anywhere near enough they would get used to do this themselves. It’s sure that if drink sweet soda or eat chocolate bar once a month it won’t make any cause on our bodies, so if we want to take care of our health we can only make a few changes in our lifestyle.