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Knowlege of dental health.Teeth and gums are part of the body. Having a healthy oral cavity gives a good, strong healthy mental health attitude. “How does a healthy oral cavity effect good, strong health?”

Having healthy teeth helps the effective chewing of food and prevents oral infection. This leads to an advantageous relative body system, for example: digestion system, food absorption, respiratory channel and nervous system. When you have good health, you are also move efficient at work and in daily living. “How
does a healty oral cavity effect good mental health?”Healthy, clean, beautiful teeth without mouth odor leads to self confidence, good personality and great chance of success in your career.Have you ever wondered why people’s teeth color are different? How do you make bright white teeth? “The Health of individuals is genetically different. Cchemicals are the cause of teeth color, for instance, those who take Tetracycline, who drink water with high Fluoride, or who have been smoking. Age is also one of the causes of teeth color alteration.

There are two ways to make teeth white, whitening and facing or crown replacement. One method depends on diagnosis by the dentist according to the teeth’s condition. However, the most popular method is whitening.

To whiten teeth, dentists make a diagnostic of teeth and recondition teeth to be ready for the whitening process, such as extracting teeth, filling and remove of limestone from the teeth. Thereafter, dentists takes and imprint of the mouth to make a mold to put in the solution to whiten teeth, and dentists give presumption on how to use the solution to whiten teeth , including method of cleaning teeth before and after the whitening process takes place, and result can be monitored every week for about one month.

You can whiten your teeth at a clinic or hospital and also at your home all by yourself. The process is easy, convenient and fast. This is most popularly applied currently. Remember, before whitening your teeth, it is essential for a medical diagnostic.